Media Coverage Featuring CMES Affiliates & Harvard Faculty


08/04/12 – Roger Owen's Newest Book The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life is Reviewed in The Economist

07/21/12 – Nicholas Burns Examines the Middle East as an Election Issue in an Op-Ed for The Boston Globe

07/19/12 – Nicholas Burns Addresses the Challenges the US Faces in the Middle East in The Boston Globe

02/23/12 – Nicholas Burns Comments on Increasing Tensions in the Region on MSNBC

02/17/12 – Nicholas Burns Discusses US Policy in the Middle East in an Op-Ed for The Boston Globe

01/27/12 – Roger Owen Discusses Year One of the Arab Revolutions and Comments on Future Prospects for Al-Hayat

12/21/11 – Nicholas Burns Writes About the Iraq War's Impact on US Credibility in The Boston Globe

12/20/11 – Nicholas Burns Opines on the Arab Spring and The US Role in the Middle East in The Washington Times

12/12/11 – Nicholas Burns Comments on the Arab Uprisings and US Foreign Policy to the Associated Press

11/29/11 – Paul Beran Discusses WMDs in the Middle East on the American Edition of Voice of Russia Radio

11/26/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Revolutions in the Middle East in The Boston Globe

11/16/11 – Roger Owen Discusses Military Presidents in Arab States in the International Journal of Middle East Studies (Available for free until January 2012)

11/16/11 – Malika Zeghal on Resistance Movements, the State and National Identities in the International Journal of Middle East Studies (Available for free until January 2012)

5/14/11 – Jocelyne Cesari Proposes A Marshal Plan for the Middle East in The Guardian

5/12/11 – Roger Owen on Good Books to Read to Understand Recent Unrest in The New York Times

3/23/11 – Harvard Faculty Discuss Change in the Middle East in The Harvard Gazette


2/17/11 –  Malika Zeghal Discusses Algeria on WBEZ's Worldview


3/18/11 – Nicholas Burns Comments on the Deployment of Saudi Troops to Bahrain in Associated Press article

2/16/11 – Roger Owen Discusses Bahrain on BBC Radio's 5Live Up All Night (interview begins at 1:09.40; available through 2/21/11)


07/10/12 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Egypt's Parliament Problems in The Wall Street Journal

07/02/12 – Tarek Masoud Comments on New Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in an Article for Slate

07/01/12 – Tarek Masoud Participates in Analysis of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS

06/30/12 – Nicholas Burns Reflects on the Current Situation in Egypt on CNN's Newsroom International

06/25/12 – Tarek Masoud Discusses the Challenges Facing Mohammed Morsi in an Article for The Daily Beast

06/18/12 – Tarek Masoud Participates in a Panel Discussion on Egypt's Path to Democracy on NPR's Talk of the Nation

06/15/12 – Tarek Masoud Speculates on the Future of Egyptian Politics on PBS Newshour

05/29/12 – Tarek Masoud Discusses the Violence Around Egyptian Elections on NPR's Talk of the Nation

04/23/12 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Controversies in the Egyptian Elections on NPR's Talk of the Nation

04/03/12 – Tarek Masoud Discusses The Muslim Brotherhood's Turnaround on PBS Newshour

02/10/12 – Roger Owen Shares His Thoughts on the Continuing Revolution in Egypt in an Op-Ed for Bloomberg

01/28/12 – Transcript of Professor Roger Owen's Talk on the First Year of the Egyptian Revolution at the London School of Economics

01/25/12 – Tarek Masoud Discusses How Mubarak-Era Tensions Will Impact Egypt's Future on PBS Newshour

01/22/12 – Roger Owen Reflects on the First Year of the Egyptian Revolution in the Egypt Independent

12/13/11 – Tarek Masoud on Islamists and Egypt's Future in a CNN Interview with Fareed Zakaria

9/1/11 – Malika Zeghal Comments on Al-Azhar'srole in the Egyptian Revolution on her blog, On Islam and Politics

8/27/11 – Malika Zeghal Speculates on the future of Al-Azhar on her blog, On Islam and Politics

8/12/11 – Tarek Masoud on Post-Tahrir Military Rule in Egypt in The Journal of Democracy

8/3/11 – Tarek Masoud on the Mubarak Trial in Egypt  on PBS NewsHour

7/15/11 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Schisms within Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in The National Journal

7/13/11 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Tension within Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on NPR's Morning Edition

7/12/11 – Roger Owen on how to Prosecute Members of the Old Regime in Egypt and Elsewhere in Al-Hayat

6/6/11 – Roger Owen's Eulogy to Egyptian Activist Ahmed Abdalla in Al-Ahram Online

4/27/11 – Tarek Masoud on Egyptian Elections on NPR's Marketplace

4/15/11 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Muslim Brotherhood's role in Egypt in Raleigh News and Observer

4/13/11 – Tarek Masoud Testifies Before the House Select Intelligence Committee on the Muslim Brotherhood

3/24/11 – Soha Bayoumi Writes about the Challenges Facing Egypt in The European

3/21/11 – Tarek Masoud Theorizes about Results of Constitutional Referendum in Egypt in The Washington Post

3/16/11 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Upcoming Constitutional Referendum in Egypt in The Washington Post

2/28/11 – Tarek Masoud Comments on Future of Egypt for World Policy Blog

2/22/11 – Malika Zeghal on Egypt, Tunisia and Islamism in The Immanent Frame

2/20/11 – Tarek Masoud Discusses the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS

2/17/11 – Malika Zeghal on Al-Azhar's Stance to the Egyptian Revolution in Sightings

2/17/11 – Paul Beran on "Middle East Turmoil" in International Business Times 

2/16/11 – Roger Owen in Al Hayat: "National Interest Versus Plural Interests in a Successful Democracy"

2/14/11 – Roger Owen Interview on Egypt on Bloomberg Television's Bottom Line

2/14/11 – Nicholas Burns Comments on Egypt on CNN's American Morning 

2/12/11 – Paul Beran on Voice of America ("Egypt's Military Takes Charge Facing Demands for Democratization" and "Egypt's Old Guard Faces New Generation")

2/12/11 – Tarek Masoud Discusses Egypt on The Arabic Hour

2/12/11 – Nicholas Burns on Egypt in The Boston Globe

2/11/11 – Tarek Masoud on NPR's Morning Edition ("Military May Be Reluctant To Push Mubarak Out")

2/11/11 – CMES Alumnus Zachary Lockman on WGBH's The Takeaway

2/9/11 – Tarek Masoud Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times: "U.S. must back democracy in Egypt regardless"

2/9/11 – Tarek Masoud on NPR's Morning Edition ("Arab Leaders Feel U.S. Abandoned Egypt's Mubarak")

2/7/11 – Paul Beran Discusses Egypt on Al Jazeera's News Bulletin

2/4/11 – Nicholas Burns on "Obama's Difficult Balancing Act" in Foreign Policy

2/3/11 – Tarek Masoud Op-Ed in the New York Times: "An Exit Plan for Mubarak"

2/3/11 – Paul Beran on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday ("Protests, looting and fires rage in Egypt")

2/3/11 – Nicholas Burns on On Point ("U.S. Foreign Policy & Egypt")

2/2/11 – Paul Beran on Here and Now

2/1/11 – Tarek Masoud on Morning Edition ("What Is Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?")

2/1/11 – Harvard Kennedy School Video Featuring Tarek Masoud and Nicholas Burns

1/31/11 – Tarek Masoud on CNN's Parker/Spitzer

1/31/11 – Nicholas Burns Interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN

1/31/11 – Tarek Masoud Discusses Egypt on Charlie Rose

1/31/11 – Roger Owen Discusses the Historical Significance of Maidan Tahrir in Al-Hayat

1/31/11 – Tarek Masoud on All Things Considered ("U.S. Appeals For Orderly Transition In Egypt")


08/16/12 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Diplomacy with Iran in an Op-ed for The Boston Globe

01/20/12 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Iran in His Article for The Boston Globe

2/15/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Protests in Iran on Bloomberg Television's Street Smart

Israel / Palestine

01/6/12 – Sara Roy Comments on the Role of Hamas in Her Article for The Hill

11/7/11 – Nicholas Burns Comments on Israel and Iran's Nuclear Program in PRI's The World

10/5/11 - Sara Roy's Book Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza Reviewed by Arab News

9/23/11 – Sara Roy's Book Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza Reviewed in The Forward

8/27/11 – Sara Roy's Book Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza Reviewed in The Economist

3/16/11 –Sara Roy Discusses Demonstrations in Gaza in Foreign Policy


10/21/11 – Roger Owen Discusses the Implications of Qaddafi's Death in The Harvard Crimson

10/21/11 – Nicholas Burns Opines on Qaddafi's Death in The Christian Science Monitor

8/29/11 – Roger Owen on Coming to Understand the Qaddafi Regime in Al-Hayat

8/22/11 – Nicholas Burns on the Transition of Power in Libya on CBS Morning Edition

4/22/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses President Obama's Handling of the Libya Crisis on CNN's John King USA

4/12/11 – Roger Owen on the Psychology of Qaddafi

4/6/11 – Roger Owen Comments on Fighting in Libya in The Atlantic

3/25/11 – Nicholas Burns Speaks of Obama Administration's "Gamble" over Libya on CBS News

3/21/11 – Nicholas Burns Debates President Obama's Choice to Open Campaign in Libya on CNN's John King USA

3/21/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Coalition's Goals in Libya Campaign on NPR

3/16/11 – Roger Owen Comments on the Arab League's Call for a No-Fly Zone Over Libya in The Atlantic

3/9/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Possibility of Imposing No-Fly Zone over Libya on CNN's Morning Edition 

3/8/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Policy Dilemmas Facing U.S. and NATO Regarding Libya on CNN'S John King USA 

2/27/11 – Nicholas Burns Discusses Future of Libya on CBS Evening News

2/25/11 – Nicholas Burns Comments on U.S. Options Toward Libya in Financial Times

2/17/11 – Roger Owen Discusses Libya on Al Jazeera's Inside Story


07/10/12 – Nicholas Burns Discusses the Situation in Syria on PRI's The World

06/26/12 – Nicholas Burns Addresses NATO, Syria, and Turkey on CNN's John King USA

03/20/12 – Roger Owen Addresses Misconceptions About Assad's Syria in The Washington Post

02/09/12 – William Granara Comments on the Closing of the American Embassy in Syria in The Harvard Crimson

9/28/11 – Tarek Masoud Discusses Violence in Syria with United Press International

9/16/11 – Tarek Masoud Discusses the Situation in Syria on NPR's All Things Considered


05/17/12 – Malika Zeghal Examines Teaching in Tunisia on her blog On Islam and Politics

01/16/12 – William Granara Reports from Tunisia One Year Later in Jadaliyya

11/16/11 – Malika Zeghal on The New Political Languages of Tunisia on her blog On Islam and Politics

10/25/11 – Malika Zeghal Discusses An-Nahda and the Tunisian Elections in The Guardian

10/24/11 – Malika Zeghal Comments on the Tunisian Election on her blog On Islam and Politics

7/31/11– Malika Zeghal on the Upcoming Tunisian Parlimentary Elections and the "Disenchantments of Free Choice" on her blog On Islam and Politics

7/19/11 – Malika Zeghal on the New Culture War between Islamists and Secuarlists in Tunisia on her blog On Islam and Politics 

7/8/11 – Malika Zeghal on Recent Developments in Tunisia on WBEZ 91.5

4/4/11  – Malika Zeghal Discusses the Democratic Experiment in Tunisia on WBEZ 91.5

2/22/11 – Malika Zeghal on Egypt, Tunisia and Islamism in The Immanent Frame

1/29/11 – Malika Zeghal on The Arabic Hour

1/28/11 – Roger Owen Comments on Tunisia in Al-Hayat

1/18/11 – Malika Zeghal Discusses Tunisia on Charlie Rose

1/17/11 – Malika Zeghal Interviewed About Tunisia's New Government on BBC World Service

1/17/11 – William Granara and Malika Zeghal Quoted in New Republic Article on Tunisia


06/26/12 – Nicholas Burns Addresses NATO, Syria, and Turkey on CNN's John King USA

11/16/11 – Lenore Martin Comments on Turkey's Need to Address the "Kurdish Question" in The New York Times