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Are You Listening? Voices from the Middle East

This very popular anthology, produced by The Outreach Center, consists of short stories and excerpts from memoirs and novels written by indigenous authors and translated and adapted for the U.S. classroom.

The anthology includes stories from Turkey, Israel, Iran, and the Arab world, tested and selected for their cultural richness and their appeal to young adults. It includes curriculum units for each, extensive background notes, a glossary of Middle Eastern words and phrases, and a comprehensive bibliography related to the themes and issues in the stories as further reference for teachers and students.

To provide educators with faster and more efficient access to the anthology, we are no longer printing copies for sale. Rather, educators can download the entire anthology and reprint it for classroom use themselves, provided that they credit the Center for Middle Eastern Studies appropriately.

Download the anthology
here.  (Please note, this is a 13.6 M file)