Graphic Novels, the Middle East, and Muslim Communities

Increasing scholarship on the role of "sequential art" in educational settings (including such resources as the MLA's Teaching the Graphic Novel, and local educator Mareen Bakis' The Graphic Novel Classroom) informed and inspired the Outreach Center's exploration of the ways in which the medium of comic arts and graphic novels can be used to teach and learn about the Middle East and Muslim communities.  See below for web based resources related to this topic.   

Resources and Videos

Comics and Muslim Identity

Hussein Rashid, Adjunct Professor in Religious Studies Focusing on Islam, Hofstra University


Muslim identity and Superhero Comics

A. David Lewis, Special Curator, CMES Outreach Center, Co-editor, "Graven Images: Religion in Comics and Graphic Novels"  



 Comics and Post 9/11 Culture

Jeffrey Melnick, Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston



Lena Merhej, co-founder of the Beirut-based magazine Samandal and author of forthcoming "Jam and Yogurt," interviewed by Anna Mudd.  



Hatem Aly, Egyptian cartoonist and illustrator, currently based in Canada, interviewed by Krystina Friedlander. 



Lebanese cartoonist and illustrator Maya Zankoul, interviewed by Anna Mudd




 Iranian-American comic artists Amir and Khalil interviewed by Anna Mudd