Outreach Program

Due to shifting priorities at the national level, CMES has decided to refocus our Outreach activities to align more closely with our core mission as an academic center. We are proud of the K-12 teacher training and public programming our Outreach program has provided to educators and students across New England, activities that would not have been possible without Title VI grant funding provided by the US Department of Education and CMES's own dedicated Outreach staff, most recently Outreach Program Director Sarah Meyrick and Curriculum Coordinator Anna Mudd.

CMES remains committed to the broad dissemination of Middle East studies research and expertise to the wider public, including educators, and will continue to support outreach in this area on an ad hoc basis. In 2014-15 this will include continued participation in the joint-NRC Global Literature Online Book Group of which CMES was a founding member, and as well as an ongoing partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative to host Middle East film screenings for the community. Digital resources such as recent webinar recordings, thematic resource pages, lesson plans, and curriculum guides will also remain available on our website (this section of the website is currently under construction; please check back soon). 

The Global Studies Outreach at Harvard page also provides information about outreach and collaboration with other regional and international centers at Harvard. 

Questions regarding CMES outreach may be directed to CMES Administrative and Program Assistant Carol Ann Litster at cmes@fas.harvard.edu .