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Arabic Graffiti by eL Seed

In the spring of 2012 Tunisian "calligraffiti" artist eL Seed visited Harvard for a CMES Outreach Center event to create a piece of work on campus and give a talk about his work.  This video shows a time lapse of his piece being completed, along with pop up facts about his work and Arabic study at Harvard. 

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Arabic Graffiti

Websites and Resources

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Where art blends with activism video in Harvard Gazette

Street artist eL Seed paints at Harvard Article in Harvard Gazette

Arabic language graffiti and studio artist eL Seed

Egyptian Artist Ganzeer blog and Flickr stream.  Ganzeer produced illustrated pamphlets for protestors in Tahrir Square and has been producing post-revolutionary murals of martyrs as well as stencil critiques of military authority. 

Tunisia murals by Zoo Project In Pictures. French-Algerian street artist "Zoo Project" creates dynamic cardboard scenes re-creating protests in Tunisia. 

Zoo Project main page  
Tunisia murals by Zoo Project - in pictures The Guardian, Friday 20 May 2011 

The Seven Wonders of the Egyptian Revolution Jadaliyya, March 22, 2012

Art Conquers walls in Cairo Foreign Policy Magazine Monday, March 19, 2012

Foreign Policy Magazine slideshow of Egyptian Protest Art "Art from the graffitists, cineastes, cartoonists, and photographers who are making Egypt's post-revolution phase a bit more colorful."  Published August 4, 2011

"Bombing Beirut" Graffiti Workshop

Iran Graffiti blog 


Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art


The Arab Spring Brings Wave of Graffiti Art, Public Radio International, September 10 2012

Arab protesters put their art on the streets, The Art Newspaper, 30 December 2011

Egypt's Revolutionary Artists' Union Revived in Tahrir Square December 28, 2011

Egypt’s New Rulers Declare War on ... Graffiti November 9, 2011

A Dada depiction of the Middle East in The Daily Star, November 25, 2011

The Art of Revolution in The Atlantic Monthly, May 9 2011 At an art school in Cairo, students explore the Egyptian uprising through a once-banned medium: protest art

For Egypt's Graffiti Artists, Revolution Brings Inspiration and Uncertainty In The Atlantic, October 3, 2011

The Middle East as a Universal Canvas "In the Middle East – and everywhere else in the world – we witness the most unconventional art on display in the streets. Whether it is a construction site, the colorful vegetables and fruits displayed outside the grocery stores or the young boy going from car to car to sell his roses, all of this is part of an ongoing exhibition."  In the Lebanon Daily Start, August 13, 2011

As autocratic regimes crumble in the Middle East, satirically expressive graffiti comes out to play. July 28, 2011.

Calligraffiti  "Madny Al Bakry transcends the fixed realms of calligraphy, an art form perceived as being traditionalist. Fatema Zehra meets the Omani artist to gain an insight into his inspirations and vision." in Emel, Issue 80 May 2011

Egyptian graffiti artist Ganzeer arrested amid surge in political expression Mohamed Fahmy, who goes by Ganzeer, was one of three artists briefly arrested today on the eve of massive protests. His work is part of a wave of political and revolutionary graffiti on Cairo's streets. In The Christian Science Monitor May 26, 2011

Egypt's Youth Vocal Against Army "Political 'street art' in Egypt has proven to be dangerous, only hours ago Mohammed Fahmy @ganzeer was arrested, apparently in connection with his graffiti work."  In Al Jazeera Blog, May 26, 2011

Film and Video

Microphone Movie:  Official Website

Outreach educator webinar and Interview with eL Seed