The relevance of Sufism to the Modern World - a panel discussion

TODAY, Wed. 2/11! The relevance of Sufism to the Modern World - a panel discussion
5:30 p.m., CGIS South Building, S020 (Belfer Case Study Room)
At a time when media coverage of Islam focuses almost exclusively on the radical and rejectionist aspects of the religion, what role can there be for Sufism and the international networks that comprise it?
How does Sufism fits into the global debate on Islam?
And what can be its enduring relevance in the fast-evolving and crisis-ridden world we inhabit?

Please join a distinguished panel whose extensive fieldwork in mystical brotherhoods in the Arab World, the Balkans and Africa challenges and transcends received wisdom on Sufi brotherhoods and sheds light on the social, political and religious applications that they play within their host societies.

Moderator: Houchang Chehabi, professor of international relations and history, Boston University.

Joseph Lumbard, assistant professor of classical Islam and researcher of Islamic intellectual traditions with emphasis on Sufism and Islamic philosophy at Brandeis.
Mentor Mustafa, Phd candidate, Boston University's Anthropology Department focuses on the religious revival in post-communist Albania with interests in Sufism, religious experience and Islamic mysticism.
Melinda Krokus, Phd candidate, Boston University's Anthropology Department has conducted field-research in Mauritius and South Africa and interviews with murids in Bosnia and Tanzania.

The discussion ties into an ongoing photographic exhibition of snapshots of ecstatic Sufi orders in the Greater Middle East that will be on view alongside the panel discussion. SUFISM: Mystical Ecumenism runs at CGIS through 10 March

Sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

This event is open to the public; no registration required.

February 11, 2009 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm